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Ergonomic Adjustable baby carrier | 4 ways to use

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  • Suitable for babies and toddlers from 0-24 months
  • 4 ways to wear– Chest way, Kangaroo style, Back carry and Cross arm carry
  • Easy to wear and unique design
  • A padded and soft headrest to safely and comfortably protect your baby reinforced by the adjustable waist belt for extra protection
  • Safe, Durable and double protection safety buckle
  • Hand Washable
  • Modern and Fashionable  
  • Made from cotton, dakron and sponge 

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  • Have freedom again. No matter if you want to cook, clean, go shopping or grab a coffee. You can do this without carrying their weight and constantly worrying about how your baby is. The remarkably comfortable baby carrier/ toddler carrier is the ideal method of carrying your baby or toddler. The difficulty of carrying your baby or toddler is something that has an impact on oneself. Carrying a baby or toddler for extended periods can be tiresome but can also cause pains, and many people are unable to carry their little ones for even a journey to the supermarket. You can overcome the challenge by simply and easily using the baby carrier for newborn to toddler. The baby sling utilises safety practices to maximise security so you can travel with absolute ease without any doubts. We knew that safety was paramount and safety was an essential priority while making the baby carrier wrap/ baby sling carrier. Using the 4 different modes, this can also be used as a baby backpack carrier or toddler backpack carrier. With your baby in the baby holder, you can be free to use your hands as you wish. Using the hands while carrying your baby close is the dream.   
  • The ultimate present and gift. Removing the difficulty and challenge of carrying a baby or toddler without having any hands free, is the dream for many parents. The ease and convenience that comes with the baby holder carrier make this the ideal gift for women and men. Keeping a baby close to your heart provides them with comfort and security, which can cause them to cry less and make your journey delightful. Carrying a baby in a higher place can also reinforce them to be even more happy and delighted. With a hassle-free, crying-free and hands-free journey, this would make the best present for any parent with a child, from a newborn to toddler. 
  • Easy To Use – this high-quality baby carrier is very easy to use, and your baby will fit into with no problem! You can also adjust the size of the baby carrier to make it fit you and your child. As this is made from a breathable soft fabric which makes it pleasant and comfortable for your baby and makes it extremely easy for you to put on.
  • For Babies and Toddlers – this is a very light and easy to use a baby carrier as it only weighs 500 grams. It is available to use for ages up to and including 2 years meaning you can buy it for your newborn baby and keep it even when they grow up.
  • 4 Different carrying positions– this is the best baby carrier which is the most dynamic one to use today! You can carry your baby in 4 different positions such as a cross arm carry which will be beneficial for you when your child is asleep along with the chest way mode which will help you a lot when you are walking with your baby whilst your child is awake and will especially help if walking long distances. The other carrying modes are kangaroo style and back carry.

2 reviews for Ergonomic Adjustable baby carrier | 4 ways to use

  1. Sarah

    Great item, it will come in very handy for my holiday as will the free teether!

    • Jawad

      Thank you for the great review, we hope you enjoy your holiday!

  2. Suzie

    This was a gift for my first newborn, and it is amazing and extremely useful when I’m in the house. It allows me to get house work done while carrying and calming the baby down!

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