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Baby K’tan

Baby K’tan Baby Carrier TEAL

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  • Made to be breathable and cool material using a combination of 50% mesh and 50% cotton, allowing for reduction in heat and moisture
  • Uniformly Distributing the weight allowing you to pick up your baby longer with more comfort
  • Easy to wear
  • Delicate and soft material cushioning and protecting your baby
  • Double loop design for a comfort, and no annoying buckles or belts
  • Fashionable and modern
  • Free Delivery UK wide
  • From 0 to approx 3 yrs

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  • EASE THE TIRESOME DIFFICULTY OF HOLDING A BABY. The most prized feature of the baby carrier is that you can do whatever you want with your hand whilst holding your baby! Get a coffee, go shopping or bake a cake. This baby carrier can let you do what you want, keep your baby happy and keep your little one close!
  • KEEP YOUR LITLLE ONE HAPPY AND EXCITED. What would your little one enjoy more than snuggling up close in the fresh air with scenic views? What would you enjoy more than going for a calm relaxing walk with you baby laughing and enjoying the walk? An amazing combination for both you and your little one
  • DEVELOP AN INSEPARABLE AND STRONG CONNECTION WITH YOUR LITTLE ONE. Keeping your baby or toddler next to you will make your little one feel safe and secure. You can keep your little one close to you to develop an inseparable connection
  • MADE WITH SAFETY AND SECURITY AS A PRIORITY. We know how delicate and precious babies and toddlers are.
  • THE IDEAL AND PERFECT BABY GIFT: The hassle of carrying a baby, using your hands is tiring, energy-consuming, and difficult. This is a perfect baby carrier as it is stretchy, accounting for many different sizes, and safe. You can enjoy your freedom with the baby wrap sling once again.


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