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Disney FROZEN 2 Elsa Fashion Doll With The Nokk

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Disney FROZEN 2 Elsa Fashion Doll With The Nokk- Frozen toys and dolls- Elsa doll and toy for kids



  • TAKE YOUR OWN ELSA DOLL AND THE NOKK WITH YOU FOR YOUR MAGICAL ADVENTURE- Unleash your creativity and create your very own magical moments while taking frozen figures with you. These Disney dolls and Disney toys encourage and support creativity which is exceptionally vital for a child’s growth and development. Make your magical kingdom and take your favourite princess dolls with you  
  • RECREATE YOUR FAVOURITE MOMENTS IN FROZEN 2- Make your favourite scenes from your own living room and see how you will end the story.  
  • THE ULTIMATE GIFT FOR GIRLS AND BOYS- Liven and transform your days full of excitement and fun while playing with the Frozen 2 set. If you are unsure of what to get, get this. The unbeatable evenings and mornings you will have with this toy have no match. You can allow children to make their imagination come to life while feeling as if they to are in the magical world of frozen 2 
  • ICONIC ELSA FROZEN DRESS- The Elsa dress is the iconic light blue knee-length dress, similar to the famous Disney movie 
  • INCLUDES THE NOKK- The new, mythical water spirit, called the Nokk is also included to make an ultimate doll set. You can take them all on your very own personalised adventure. 


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