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Clippasafe Roller Blinds 2 pack

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Clippasafe Roller Blinds 2 pack- Blocks UV rays- Car Window shade for baby, Car Sun Shade For Kids Fits to Any Car- Car Shade For Sun Protection


Out of stock


PROTECTION FROM SUN: Too much exposure to the hot sun glare can be harmful to you and your little one. Protect your baby, simply by using the Roller blind. The baby car shade is the perfect solution for you to safely and easily protect your child. The breathable mesh material is the ideal material block the harmful UV radiation emitted from the sun to keep everyone safe, relaxed and comfortable. 


ENJOY A COOL AND COMFORTABLE JOURNEY: Bright, sunshine through your window is the last thing your baby, toddler, child or pet needs. Harmful sun rays can cause children to become irritated, annoyed, and they can become a distraction for the driver. But there is a simple solution, this Roller blind. Keep them away from the sun’s UV rays and keep them happy, allowing you to have a delightful and comfortable journey.


EASY TO ATTACH: Protecting your baby using the car blinds for babies is simple. Just attach, and let the precise modern features keep you, your children, pets and everyone safe, relaxed and comfortable, making it the perfect baby car shade.


FITS ANY CAR: The brilliant feature about the suction cups is that they can fit any car window regardless of its shape. They also follow and use the latest safety features to stop it falling.


SIMPLE STORAGE: A fantastic feature about the Car shade is that it can become a small rod, so you don’t have to worry about storage all year round. It can easily fit into the car storage compartment. 


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