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First Step Universal Rain Cover For Pushchair, Buggy, Stroller and Pram.

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  • Easy to fit –  Wasting time when putting a rain cover on and off can be frustrating as your baby is getting cold and wet and may also cry. Avoid wasting time and keep your baby dry for longer. 
  • Portable and compact– This can be folded into a small packet, and you can put it in your pocket to prepare and handle sudden rain like a pro 
  • Cleanable– just wipe down to clean and no need to worry about the mess your baby will make 
  • Universal, One size fits all 

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  • KEEP YOUR BABY WARM, DRY AND FASCINATED. We all know just how sensitive babies are to the cold and rain, and how frustrating it can be when a baby cries. Protect and keep your baby warm, dry and fascinated using the universal rain cover. The soft sounds of the rain hitting the rain cover can soothe your child to sleep while protecting them. Hearing the sounds and observing the beautiful patterns created by the rain appeals to the auditory and visual senses. 


  • COMPACT, EASY STORAGE AND PORTABLE. A fantastic feature is an ability for the buggy/stroller/pushchair/pram rain cover to be folded into a small packet so that you can put it in your pocket. Many of us have experienced unexpected rain which can be the worst; your baby wet, cold and crying. You can prepare for every eventuality, and handle the sudden rainstorm like a pro. Cleaning can be a time consuming and tiresome task, however with this rain cover; you can simply wipe down any mess your baby made and keep it clean.  


  • ALLOWS BABIES TO CALM DOWN AND FALL ASLEEP. The delicate rain patter on the rain cover, while the baby is warm and dry, stimulated the auditory senses. Even adults can fall asleep while listening to the rain as it is white noise. White noise can help babies calm down and fall asleep, and white noise is proven to work. If your baby is crying, it might help to take them for a walk in the rain and let the natural white sound (the patter of rain) help your baby sleep. The visual stimulus can also help as the unique and remarkable pattern displayed by the rain can keep babies fascinated and amazed. 


  • EASY TO INSTALL. Easy installation is vital when using a rain cover like this. We know that spending lots of time putting this on and off can be frustrating. The easy installation allows you to add the rain cover on and off without taking up lots of time, so your baby is in the dryness for longer.


  • UNIVERSAL SIZE. No matter whether you have a pushchair, buggy, stroller, pram; the rain cover can fit many different styles. 

1 review for First Step Universal Rain Cover For Pushchair, Buggy, Stroller and Pram.

  1. Denise

    Good product- keeps my baby dry. Most importantly, I can take it with me wherever I go incase it starts raining.
    Thanks for the free baby teether!

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