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Babies First Christmas During Covid 19|Ultimate Christmas 2020 guide

Christmas for many people is a magical time of year, Christmas tree, Christmas presents, lights and most importantly the people. The one unique and ideal time in a year when we can all get together and celebrate. The baby’s first Christmas really is a special moment that will be treasured. Along with the celebrations and people, during the coronavirus pandemic, it may also require cautiousness. Although Boris Johnson has stated that he plans for “significant normality” by Christmas, there is also a “real risk” of a second wave. We’d all love to be out and hold a party indoor, but perhaps that may need to happen next year. While we’re with our families celebrating, heroes like nurses, doctors, midwives, paramedics and many many more, are still working and sacrificing their Christmas in case we’re not well. This strange year we could invent and make new Christmas traditions that will last. Remember that your safety and the safety of your little one is of paramount importance. We must plan our Christmas holiday with more care and caution to protect ourselves, our NHS, and our economy. 

Planning is everything 

I will use the most accurate information I have, and this will be written using the current lockdown Rules. The rules in England; you may have up to 6 people from different households or as many people as you can accommodate from two households outdoors. 

However, indoors, you may only have two households. As weather here in England is cold and wet, especially during the winter months, having an outdoor party may not be feasible. 

Indoors the two households will still need to maintain social distancing unless they are part of the same support bubble. The new distance is now a 1-metre gap. 

As I have already mentioned, your safety and the safety of your little one is of paramount importance. Don’t feel like you must and have to attend a party in which you know there are risks and may not be the safest place for you. Traditions can be beautiful and festive, but perhaps this year you can invent your own. 

Important points to take into consideration 

  • Where will it be happening?
  • How will we travel?
  • How many people will attend? 
  • Will it be safe for my baby and me? 
  • And many more 

The first point, location. Suppose it is in your house, then perfect as you have full control of what will happen. On the other hand, if it is not, you may need to travel. We firmly believe in providing accurate health risks when required. A crucial point that is often forgotten about is a baby car seat. Putting a baby in a car seat for prolonged periods can be dangerous for them. There may be significant effects on a baby’s heart rate and breathing. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recommends taking at least a 15-minute break every 2 hours. If your expected journey is more than 2 hours, you will need to incorporate the time of rests for your baby. I strongly urge you to read the full NHS article.  

If the location of your Christmas celebration is in your house, you have full control of everything. I would suggest asking everyone entering to wash their hands with hot soapy water to reduce transmission. Although you may want everyone to come together, do tell them they are allowed to stay at home if they are unwell or have symptoms. People may try to hide their symptoms or deny they are ill, in order to not upset anyone by not coming. The last thing you want is someone to pass an illness on.  

Baby Gifts 

Probably the best part about Christmas- the presents. When buying a present for a baby, keep in mind that its not all about money. People believe the best gift is the most expensive one, but it’s really not. The best gift for a baby is probably not anything electronic but maybe a personalised blanket or a playmat. You can buy fantastic Christmas presents on sale. 

Present ideas that will always work 

  • Baby handprint ornament- these can be a traditional present that you give every year and see them grow.   
  • Baby carrier– this underrated present is probably the most practical gift you can give to baby boys or baby girls. You have to get this as they allow parents to keep their hands free and actually do what they like. They can stop babies crying when they’re close to their parents. Holding babies can be tiresome and challenging, using this solves so many problems making it the ultimate Christmas present for babies or toddlers.  
  • Festive baby clothes- perhaps the most adorable option. Affordable and looks great. You really can’t go wrong with clothes as they are practical and the parents will use all the time. There are so many options like a Father Christmas outfit, an elves outfit, a reindeer outfit, and the list grows. A top tip for baby clothes, make sure you get a distinctive and unique version so no one can copy your present. 
  • Personalised Teddy Bear- They may keep this present for years to come. It can act calm babies down, and they can develop an emotional bond to the adorable toy. 
  • Practical toys– Toys like baby walkers can go along way. They can go along way. They teach babies to walk, and you can give the gift that will prepare them something special. These are also loved by parents. 

Baby Pictures 

Don’t forget to make as many baby pictures as you can, this is their first Christmas of many to come, and Christmas memories can be the best. When they grow older, they could love watching back at their first precious moments. Make videos and take family photos that may be framed for years to come. You could take it a step further and make a vlog for you baby addressing them years into the future. You could show them how they were, and they acted. Also, you would see other family and friends and how they looked in the past. Memories are perhaps the most precious and the best treasure anyone can possess. Make memories and magical moments that can stay forever. 


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