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Ideas for baby room setup

Tip 1) The American Academy of Paediatrics states that you should sleep in the same room as the baby for a minimum of 6 months, but it is better for a year. It must also be noted, not in the same bed, but in their own baby cot. Baby sleeping in your room and in their own cot can reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

Tip 2) The most underrated advice that doesn’t have a big money tag attached to it- a rug on the hard floor. Instead of sneaking like a ninja, with a desperate hope not to wake up they who must not be named, across your room/baby nursery buy and use a rug if you have a hard floor in the room. The rug will minimise and absorb the noise of your footsteps so you can easily walk in the room. Trust me on this one; the alternative can be so much worse.

Tip 3) space is everything. I can’t stress this enough. A simple way to redesign your room would be to dedicate a corner of the room for the baby. In that corner, you can have all your baby accessories like baby cot and chest of drawers. Some essential tips for saving space for baby

  • You could invest in a chest of drawers and changing table combo instead of buying both separately. Or have a folding down changing table
  • You could hang your baby clothes. Baby clothes are small and hanging them takes up little vertical room. You may invest in a rail to hang your baby clothes. But don’t hang everything, if its summer, no need to hang baby coats and baby hats, instead; store them elsewhere. 
  • Those awkward, weird, good for nothing spaces, may actually be good for something. Convert those spaces and utilise them for the baby nursery. Add closet rods for your baby, or you could add shelves. 

Tip 4) Another strange yet beneficial tip, white noise machine. I could write an entire blog just on white noise itself (comment if I should). But here are the basics. There are 2 types of white noises. 

The first noise- these are the low pitched noises. These noises are perfect for soothing children to sleep. 

The second noise- these are high pitched noises. These are for getting babies attention not for getting them to sleep.  

To make a baby stop crying and go sleep, 

use the high pitched white noise to get their attention; the sound can be as loud as their crying. 

Slowly decrease the pitch to a low a pitch and, voila a peaceful sleeping baby and a perfects night sleep. 

Quick note, don’t always us white noise so babies can get used to the usual household noises as well! 

Tip 5) This sounds like common sense, yet we all forget it, the most basic method of saving space- remove clutter. When you see something in your bedroom, ask yourselves, do I need it, can I live without it, can I place it in another room, and have I actually used this? 

You won’t believe just how much space you save when removing everything you don’t need


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